€10,000 Puc

posted 27 Mar 2015, 12:16 by Doon G.A.A.

Limerick's Live 95fm are running a competition called the €10000 Puc that will take place at the Gaelic Grounds on May 9th. 

There will be 100 participants 50 from the Live 95fm listenership and 50 from Limerick Gaa including Camogie, Ladies Football and Handball. 

There will be a grid numbered 1 to 100 in a central pitch location on the day in the Gaelic Grounds. Each participant will be allocated a number in a sealed envelope. A special quest will take a puc directly into the grid and what ever number the sliotar lands in will be deemed the winner. 

The 50 Participants from Live 95fm Listenership will come directly through their radio programming and will be the sole winner of the ten thousand euro. 

Limerick GAA including our sister organisations have been allocated 50 participants and will be allocated on a first come first served basis. The first fifty responses to live95fmtenthousandeuropuc@gmail.com on Monday March 30th before 9.00am will only be facilitated. The fifty lucky clubs will nominate a person to represent the club on the day by running a similar competition through their clubs with a nomination fee set by the club and resulting funds will be kept by the club. The nominated club person will be legally obliged to give five thousand euro back to the club if they are lucky enough to win the competition. 

It is the responsibility of Limerick Camogie, Limerick Ladies Football and Limerick Handball to circulate this email to their clubs. For further information please contact me on this email address.